Content Writing Tips#1: Curating Regular Content – Ethically – Within Text

Creating regular new content can prove to be extremely challenging! When I first became interested in digital communication, I suddenly felt overwhelmed by the idea of having to create new, interesting, informative content every day – even three times a day! Then I came across content curation….

How often should we be posting and what is content curation?

The amazing Louise Myers created this brilliant infographic to summarise how often we should be posting on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, and LinkedIn:

(Post continues after graphic)


After you’ve worked out which platform is best for you, and how often you need to be posting, it’s time to create content or curate content. What is content curation?

Michiel Gaasterland couldn’t have put it better, “Content Curation basically means that – out of all the content you find on the social web – you pass on the most valuable stuff to your network.”

Content curation does not mean simply copying someone’s work and passing it off as your own. It means researching subjects that will be of use to your audience (to save them having to trawl the internet) while including ethical links to the source of your recommendations.

How can we curate ethically?

Tim Parker covers – ‘what curation is and how to stay legal’ – concluding with, “If you’re going to use somebody else’s content, the safest way to defend yourself is to ask for their permission or use something that is clearly shareable […].”

Pawan Deshpande has created a ‘10-Step Checklist on Ethical Curation’, and advises curators to, “Show respect for the original content creator by crediting that person and linking prominently to their original work […].”

To summarise:

It is important to create your own content, but you don’t have to do it all on your own. By sharing high quality, informative links, (ethically, of course) you get to learn loads and promote the work of others….

Watch this space for more info on curating techniques.

Happy curating…..


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